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IPIX Your Path to Online Retail Success

Your path to online retail success, offering a comprehensive e-commerce solution for thriving in a competitive marketplace.

Integrated Multi-Vendor and Single Vendor Ecommerce

Are you looking for the perfect ecommerce cart solution? Look no further than the world's leading software solution providers. Whether your website is multi-vendor or single-vendor, our dynamic software is designed to streamline operations and enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Using IPIX's perfect cart software, you can secure the future of your ecommerce business.

Mobile Interface

Mobile interaction provides an effective means of reaching your customers.

  • Easy Login & Registration

  • Home Screen

  • Product Detailing

  • Category Page

  • My Cart

  • In-App Checkout

Easy to use features and tools to create your own
Ecommerce platform

Product Dashboard

Easy-to-navigate dashboard for managing products, inventory, and orders for sellers.

Responsive Design

Your online store will look and function flawlessly on mobile devices, providing an exceptional shopping experience for mobile buyers.

Support & Training

We provide expert support, comprehensive training resources, and a dedicated support team to assist you.

Customization Tools

Personalize your online store to reflect your brand's identity with the admin panel's customization tools.

Admin Panel

We offer a centralized admin panel for managing and customizing your store to meet your e-commerce requirements.

This is the Minimal & customizable dashboard body.

An organized and customizable dashboard designed for an efficient administrative experience, free of clutter.

This is the Creating Subscription Plans body.

Retain and reward customers with hassle-free recurring purchases.

This is the Order Details body.

View detailed order details, empowering you to manage customer transactions.

This is the Manage Products body.

Keep track of your product inventory, make quick updates, and organize your catalog.

This is the Detailed Product Page body.

Impress your customers with detailed product pages for your products.

This is the Offers & Promotions body.

Create enticing offers and promotions to increase sales and store appeal.

Vendor Panel

Our Vendor Panel makes it simple to manage products and fulfill orders.

This is the Vendor dashboard body.

Easily manage and control your online business from one dashboard tailored to your needs.

This is the Products & Product Info body.

Manage your products and details to enhance your store.

This is the Order Management body.

Streamline order processing and provide exceptional customer service with efficient order management.

This is the Ad Request body.

Advertise and market your business within the marketplace.

This is the Inventory Management body.

Control inventory levels, prevent overselling, and ensure seamless customer shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

IPIX CART is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that supports single or multi-vendor setups, making it versatile for different business models. Our software allows multiple vendors to sell products on one platform, expanding your marketplace's offerings.

IPIX CART offers seamless shopping experiences for customers and provides a robust platform for vendors to manage their businesses through multi-vendor e-commerce website and mobile apps.

IPIX CART simplifies launching your online marketplace by offering a readymade e-commerce solution. Websites can be quickly set up and customized to your brand's identity.

Multi-vendor e-commerce websites built with IPIX CART allow you to create a diverse product catalog. Increasing your business's revenue potential is possible when you offer more products.

With IPIX CART, sellers can easily manage their products, oversee order details, and monitor sales and inventory within the multi-vendor ecommerce ecosystem.