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Staff Augmentation Services

Ready To Get Developers That Can Tailor To Your Business Needs

Looking for skilled IT staff to join your team? Look only as far as IPIX, a reputable IT staff augmentation company. Our services offer flexible, on-demand, and quality-driven tech teams to meet your needs. We provide skilled professionals in areas such as Magento development, mobile app development, front-end development, open-source development, web development, and web design. Our team members are experts who stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies to deliver advanced software solutions for our clients.

IPIX IT Staff Augmentation: Tailored Solutions for Your Team

At IPIX, we offer a customized and adaptable IT staff augmentation service that includes a team of in-house experts. Our approach ensures that we find the perfect candidate for your needs. Our years of experience in the IT industry ensures that our clients will receive an exceptional level of service. By utilizing our IT staff augmentation service, you can enhance your team with dedicated developers as your short or long-term partner.

Our Development Methodology


The process of augmenting IT staff starts with the client's initial request outlining their project needs and goals. At this stage, both the client and the augmentation provider discuss the project's scope and align their expectations.

Team Screening and Selection

Once the project requirements are established, the augmentation provider begins screening and selecting suitable candidates. This involves interviews, technical assessments, and reference checks to fulfill the client's requirements.

Evaluation Process

During the evaluation process, IT professionals' qualifications and capabilities are thoroughly examined to ensure they have the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the client's project.

Integration of Developer

The final step in IT staff augmentation involves integrating a selected developer into the client's existing team or project structure.

Expertise And Technical Skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

At IPIX, we have dedicated developers who stay up-to-date on technology trends and provide cutting-edge software solutions to our clients. Our IT staff augmentation consulting services can help you pick the right technology for your business and industry and develop a plan to implement it.

IT staff augmentation is an effective way to hire skilled professionals for temporary or permanent positions, thereby increasing labor capacity.

  • Easily hire skilled temporary or permanent talent
  • Reduced costs
  • Strategy-focused in business
  • Hire the right people
  • And more

You can save money by hiring the right software developer for cost-effective IT staff augmentation services from IPIX technologies.

When you need more workers, staff augmentation involves hiring temporary team members to work under your supervision. Professional services, however, are specialized firms or consultants that provide independent expertise and solutions for specific projects.

The IT staff augmentation process involves supplementing a team's knowledge and skills with temporary or permanent IT professionals to improve business performance.

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